The Power of Purpose

4 week Teleclass with Lara Waldman and Surya Devi

  • Do you want to know what your purpose is?
  • What if your purpose wasn’t what you thought it was?
  • What if you never have to search again for your purpose?

We are here to show you another way. This new way is simple, easily attainable and will change everything in your life.

Join Lara Waldman & Surya Devi for a 4 week exploration where you will learn to be on point and on purpose in all areas of life.

Once you complete this 4 part series you will have a deeper understanding of yourself, your place in the world and how you can immediately begin living the life of your dreams. For the month of June, commit yourself to shifting your life from the inside out.

Each session will be recorded for you to listen to at your convenience and as many times as you like!

Week 1 – What is purpose? Here we will explore the meaning of purpose, unveil the 5 major themes around purpose and help you to determine which one(s) would work best for you in your life.

Week 2 – Letting go. In order to create change, we must make room for new things and clear out what is not working. You already know what needs to shift in your life, so bring it all to the table and let’s get shifting! Say goodbye to old energies and hello to playful, prosperous and purposeful living!

Week 3 – Asking Questions – Did you know that the Universe loves to answer questions? This week we will discuss why that is and provide you with some of our favorite questions to ask. This might just be one of the most valuable tools you ever learn!

Week 4 – Miraculous Manifesting – So you know what your purpose is, now what are you going to do with it? Using your new tools and gift of purpose, we will dedicate this session to co-creating some magic in your life. Working this way in a group is powerful and we will all be working together to powerfully co-create abundance and fun and ease!

BONUS CALL – There will be a live bonus call after the completion of all 4 modules. This will be a live question and answer session with Lara & Surya. We will be present to answer any of your questions, share stories and offer support with whatever may be coming up for you during the process. We can’t wait to connect with you!
Lara Waldman
We will be meeting each Wednesday in June.

June 4th
June 11th
June 18th
June 25th
July 2nd - Bonus call!

Each call starts at 8pm GMT.
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Surya Devi

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